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Please note that all links are embedded in the text. Links are designed to turn orange when your cursor is placed on top of them.

Wikipedia is a great resource for information on everything from Abracadabra to the Nas vs. Jay-Z feud to the Queen of England. I’ve included some helpful links to Wikipedia within the site text. Wikipedia is freely editable by other people, so its accuracy can’t always be verified, but if you have a question about a certain term it’s a great place to start.

The National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health have a search engine called PubMed that searches through all of the abstracts from published medical research. Following the link and typing in turmeric will find all of the published research on turmeric. . A quick search finds 712 instances of turmeric in their data base. In the research updates section of this site I am going to have summaries of important old research on turmeric, as well as summaries of the latest research.

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